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Benefits Of Membership

By becoming a member of the IMYVTF you are signaling that you support the Moy family and their wishes for the preservation of the legacy of Patriarch Moy Yat. 

In return, the IMYVTF offers a few benefits. While this list of benefits is still growing, here are a few reasons to become a members.

  • Members receive discounts off all IMYVTF events.

  • Members receive perks (such as free swords) when attending IMYVTF events.

  • Members know they are supporting the Moy family:

    • A portion of all IMYVTF event proceeds go to support the Moy family. 

    • IMYVTF grandmasters and masters who give seminars are compensated by the IMYVTF. 

  • Members receive a great framed certificate​

  • Members are eligible to receive certifications of rank by the IMYVTF

  • Members are plugged in. Want a seminar with any Grandmaster? The IMYVTF will help coordinate.

  • Members are informed of upcoming events

  • Members receive access to the IMYVTF video library of past IMYVTF seminars

  • Events held by members are promoted by the IMYVTF and listed on the IMYVTF website.


All IMYVTF event posters are eligible to display the IMYVTF logo and all IMYVTF events will be posted on the website.  

Become A Member Today

  • Lifetime Membership

    • Discounts off all IMYVTF events & products
    • A beautiful IMYVTF lifetime member certificate
    • Notification of all IMYVTF events
    • Access to member only library & forums
    • Option to receive instructor certifications
    • Option to open an IMYVTF registered school or location
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