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Overview & Certification


Be recognized as meeting the high standards of the Moy Family.

The Certification Process Overview

  1. Become an IMYVTF Lifetime Member

  2. Apply and receive your IMYVTF Instructor Certificate

  3. Apply and receive your IMYVTF School In Good Standing Certificate

About Instructor Certification


The IMYVTF offers certification of rank to those who wish to be recognized as representing Patriarch Moy Yat’s lineage.


Certified instructors are displayed on this website.


The application process to become an IMYVTF certified instructor starts with first becoming an IMYVTF Lifetime Member. If you're already an IMYVTF Lifetime Member and want more information about Instructor Certification, please click here. (You will need to log in to see this page)


About Schools Listings 

If you are an instructor with an IMYVTF certification, you can apply to have your school listed on the IMYVTF website. If approved, and pay the $40 admin fee, your listing will be posted. 

  • the school meets the minimum standards required by the Moy family

  • classes are taught by an IMYVTF ranked instructor

  • the instructor upholds the IMYVTF Convention, By-Laws and Code of Ethical and Professional Standards

To apply  please click here​. (You will need to log in to see this page)

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