Safeguarding Programs

Education, awareness-raising and capacity-building

safeguarding-imyvtfThe IMYVTF shall also endeavor to engage communicating to the public about the dangers of threatening our heritage, promoting education for the protection of the memory that expresses Moy Yat Ving Tsun and in Safeguarding in particular through:

Participation of communities, groups and individuals

Toward the goal of Safeguarding, the IMYVTF shall endeavor to ensure the widest possible participation of communities, groups and, where appropriate, individuals that create, maintain and transmit such heritage, and to involve them actively in its management.

Internal programs, projects & activities

On the basis of proposals submitted by Members, and in accordance with criteria to be defined by the Board and approved by the Council, the Board shall periodically select and promote programs, projects and activities to assist with the Purposes of this Convention.

To this end, the Board shall receive, review and approve requests for assistance from Members for the preparation of such proposals.

The Board shall accompany the implementation of such projects, programs and activities by applying best practices using means to be determined by it.